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Meet the Owners!


We are Helen and Kay, a mother and daughter team and we set up Unique Retail in 2016.

Opening a shop was never on the cards for us and if you had said 5yrs ago we would be working together on our own business we would have certainly have called you crazy!

So where did it all begin?

After Kay had her first child in 2014 she did a lot of craft fairs and eventually found a shop to rent space from. This shop was however was based in Lincoln so she was having to send stock in the post to there. In the meantime an opportunity came up to rent space in a converted warehouse (and a lot closer to home) in Milbrook, Southampton called The Boutique Village.

Here you could rent your own booth, shelf or cabinet and fill it with anything you wanted.

So with a huge help from her parents Kay set up her very own pop up shop filled with her handmade stock. It was a massive learning curb and a great experience especially for someone who has no real understanding of retail or business.

Sadly after a year the Boutique Village had to close due to issues with the building. At a lose of what to do now Kay and her mum decided to open up a shop with the similar concept of the Boutique Village but on a much smaller scale.

Thus UNIQUE RETAIL was born!

It has been a long road and a lot of learning curves but we are in our 3rd year and couldn’t be happier. We have a full shop with a waiting list and an amazing presence on our local high street.

So if your in the area then why not pop in and say hello!

If not, pop your email into our contact box and we will email with updates and with what’s happening in the shop!


19 High Street Hythe United Kingdom SO45 6AG

02380 845340

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