With all eyes on the outbreak of the Coronavirus at the moment we at Unique Retail are taking every precaution to continue a healthy outlook in the shop especially with regards to our refillable station.

Safety is paramount for all our customers, staff and suppliers and we understand how some of the general public may be concerned about venturing out.

To maintain a high standard of cleanliness and to help combat this virus we will be constantly washing door handles (inside and out) and keeping our till points cleaned.

With regards to our refillable station we have removed all the scoops from their respective tubs and now have two jugs, one for clean scoops and one for used scoops which will be washed after every use.

Of course we will also be constantly hand washing in between customers where we can to maintain a clean environment.

We appreciate it is a worrying time but we want reassure our customers we are doing our upmost to create a clean environment and if we all work together we can help combat the spread of this virus.

If anyone has any worries or concerns, we would love to hear from you. Please either ring the shop on 02380 845340 or email

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